Hydraulic cylinder for engineering mechanical

Characteristic Features:   l The highest rated working pressure is 32MPA. l Simple structure, small, light weight, high strength l Sealing system: sealing rings that can overcome the conditions of construction machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transportation industries, as well as our unique sealing system design, effectively solve the oil leakage at the end of the piston rod and dry friction of the piston rod happened. l The cylinder body is made of high-strength alloy steel, the inner surface by rolling processing to achieve good surface finish and hardness, in order to minimize the internal friction, and improve the wear resistance so as to extend the service life of the seals. l Security: It is easy to install a variety of valves with special functions such as slow backstroke counting balancing and emergency closing as required. Application: Due to its good characteristics, it is widely used in steel, light industry, military, environmental protection, hydropower and other fields. How it works: The reciprocating motion of the hydraulic cylinder is driven by the rack, which is transformed into a positive reverse swing rotation of the gear shaft, while the thrust of the reciprocating cylinder is converted into the output torque of the gear shaft.